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The Design Process

What can you expect as you begin working with Consolidated Kitchens & Fireplaces on your dream kitchen?
The first visit will be primarily for information gathering. As you meet with one of our design professionals, we will assess the scope of your project and start establishing costs, styles and preferences based upon the Level of Design and your Budget.

It is important to recognize that we do not know what your kitchen will cost at the beginning. As we work with you to find out what you want for your "dream kitchen" and establish some guidelines according to your budget, we will be able to start defining the actual cost of the project.

Important to your profile is to establish what door styles and colors you want, as well as, selecting a countertop. A matching flooring style will then be selected to complement your cabinets and coutertops. By this time, our designers will have enough information to start formulating a design/cost proposal.

The final selections, as well as, follow-up questions and details will happen in your second visit. At this point, your design consultant will have put together a detailed project estimate and floorplans with measurements and a 3D drawing.

Also at this point, a contractor should be selected by seeing after deciding what the kitchen remodeling project cost and to perform final measurements a week before the order is placed.

Upon review of the final drawings of your dream kitchen, you will be asked to sign-off on the design and finalize the purchase agreement. Now the fun begins — your new kitchen will be ordered and installed.

The Five Levels of Kitchen Design:

Redoing the Surfaces
Changing the Layout
Redirecting Traffic
Expanding Within
Expanding Outward

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